How to Charge Solar Lights in Winter?

How to Charge Solar Lights in Winter

You’ve might think that solar lights wouldn’t work in the winter season. But, it’s not true at all because it can still be functional even if the summer season is over.

Maybe you want to learn about how to charge solar lights in winter?

Then this is article is made just right for you. We will go through the various ways on how to charge solar lights in winter. This will dump all our wrong notion that solar lights are only functional with sufficient sunlight.

This will help you conserve energy as well no matter what season is.

How do solar lights work?

Before we start with the techniques, you must know how solar lights work beforehand. This will allow you to have a better understanding of them. As a result, you can use the techniques that we will teach you better accuracy.

Most of us get to run our appliances with the use of electricity. A few of us know that most of the electricity sources that we have our harmful to the environment.

Solar energy is the perfect alternative source of energy. This is because daily we are getting sunlight from mornings ‘til afternoons. Why not use this as an energy source? It will help in the lessening of greenhouse gasses.

The basic knowledge that you must learn is that light is composed of the tiniest packets. They are known as photons. They have a wavy motion while they are moving and can bounce back. Photons are crucial for the unique property of lights to travel from one point to another.

This is why solar cells have a definite advantage. They form molecular structures that do have individual properties. Each of them has a charge which makes them polarized. This is why they can be a decent source of power especially with lights.

This allows them to create electricity. Not because of light itself but through photons.

LED Light-Based Charging

If you are the type of person that is energy conscious, most probably you are using LED lights in your home. They are very bright as well and the good thing is they do not consume that much electricity.

Believe it or not, they can charge up your solar lights too! Since they are emitting light at high levels, they are a good candidate for solar charging.

The same as incandescent lights, you just have to expose the solar cells to it. The good thing with LED lights is they are powered with batteries. So if there are a power outage LED lights would truly help in providing you its functionalities with added charging capabilities for solar lights.

Indirect Sunlight Charging

If it is winter it does not mean that there is no presence of sunlight at all. It can still charge your solar lights. This is because the solar cells are super responsive to sunlight. It can still accumulate energy coming from the sun’s rays.

Try to put the solar panels when the Sun’s rays are abundant. This mostly happens in the morning and afternoons.

Incandescent Light Charging

Light bulbs inside our homes can be a great source of heat energy. You can use them to charge your solar lights especially when the winter season arrives.

The brighter the light, the more energy it emits. So when the night strikes ensure to charge your solar lights. So the next day, you’ll have an ample supply of light from them.

Back in the day, this is the most used lights in households worldwide. Back when LED lights weren’t invented yet. There is no question that incandescent lights were very bright but they consume more electricity. This made them almost obsolete nowadays. They were defeated by their more efficient counterpart which are LED lights.

Mirror Charging Technique

Only a few people know how to charge their solar lights with the use of mirrors. It is not a new technique yet a very unpopular way of charging solar lights.

This technique can speed up charging time. You just have to surround the solar panel with mirrors for them to acquire more light. It will ensure that no solar power will be wasted. This results in better efficiency.

If there are no sources of electricity-powered lights then consider this as the best option. It is very practical for houses with lots of mirrors available.

“What is the most efficient way in charging your solar lights in winter?”

By using an indoor solar panel

There is no doubt that indoor solar panels are a great investment. They can generate power even during winter seasons. This makes this equipment super reliable even if there is no enough sunlight available.

You can acquire energy from various sources making them very versatile. The advantage is they do not impose any harm on our environment.

Some Tips

For better efficiency, you must put your solar lights in a clear airway. Depending on the type of lamp, choose the appropriate installation location. For example, with best solar pathway lights, perfect installation location is where there is always sunlight in your garden. This will allow them to recharge without any interruptions. It will maximize all the light source for better absorption.

Although it is given that you need to adjust in the winter season. It is because of the scarcity of sunlight and there is nothing we can do. By following the techniques that we have discussed a while ago, you’ll surely be at ease when winter arrives.

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We have finished discussing this wonderful topic. Now you know how to charge solar lights in winter, it’s time to put it to action. In times like these when we need to conserve our environment, solar energy is a good choice.

Also, you’ll surely spare yourselves from spending too much on your bills. So the next time that the winter season arrives you are ready. Just try any of the various methods stated above. Then see what works best for you. You’ll need to master the techniques though to get perfect results. The good thing is you will not run out of options you just need to use them correctly. As a result, even with minimal sunlight, you can still light up your home effortlessly.