Top 8 Largest Solar Farms in The World

Largest Solar Farms in The World

You’ve might hear the word solar farms, because of its increasing number. You are probably curious about it on how it can turn things around.

Maybe you’ve have known the benefits of clean energy?

It is one of the most sought alternative supplies of energy right now, that’s why. Have you ever wondered where the biggest solar farms can be found?

In this article, we will tackle a quick list of the largest solar farms in the world. They are the primary drivers of innovation to have clean energy.

1. Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park is located in the Qinghai province of China. It is super incredible as it can power up 200,000 families. By using its 220 gigawatts yearly solar electricity production is truly extraordinary. This is because of the 4 million solar modules that it has.

It was considered the largest solar farm in the word last 2017. Its dam also provides bountiful benefits to the residents. It can give a million hectares of water irrigation supply. It was opened in 1992 after over 15 years of construction.

2. Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park

This 1000 megawatts solar farm in India has saved the vicinity from carbon dioxide intoxication. It also spared the locals of 800 million units of energy a year.

Hydroelectric turbines are integrated throughout this solar farm. It makes the variable generation truly balanced and automated before power distribution. The solar farm has a total of 24 square kilometers which opened last 2017. Since then it has provided the demand for electricity in Kurnool. The good thing is it is empowering a tremendous number of households without harming the environment.

3. Noor Complex

This can be found in Morocco. It is tagged as the most enormous concentrated solar power plant. The perfect location which specifically in the Sahara Desert makes it a good source of solar energy.

The largest solar farm in the world can provide 580 megawatts. Its target is to bring electricity to 1 million people upon its completion.

The project is divided into 3 stages. This allows the building of this infrastructure more manageable.

Why it is known as the largest solar farm? Well, it just covers 2,500 hectares of land. Supermassive, right?

It was turned on last 2016. It is already beneficial to a lot of people. It can provide 160 megawatts of electricity since then.

The best thing is it already been the main factor of carbon emission reduction in the environment. It also boasts a great aerial view of how amazing it is. People were very excited about the project’s expected completion this year

4. Kamuthi

This solar farm is a primary supplier of solar energy in India. It is located in Tamil Nadu and the said plant has a total power of 648 megawatts. This can accommodate a vicinity of up to 10 square km.

Because of this, the Kamuthi has been regarded as the largest solar farm in a particular location. The budge used in making this project is about $680 million. This solar farm has a total of 2.5 million modules that are used in absorbing power from the Sun’s heat. Upon completion the said the solar farm can accommodate 150,000 families

5. Shakti Sthala

This solar farm has the potential to become India’s largest for years. It can produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity that can power up 5 villages which equals to 700,000 families. It is also considered as the largest solar farms in the world. This greatly solved the power problems in the area. With the massive land area, this solar farm has brought out the huge potential for an alternative energy source.

6. Villanueva Solar Park

This solar farm is the pride of Mexicans. It can be found in Coahuila which is a state in Mexico. It has a whopping 2.3 million solar panels installed on 9 square mile area. This made it one of the largest solar farms in the world right now. The ability to create 1,700 gigawatts per hour yearly is the target once it is 100 percent functional. The current construction costs are now valued at $650 million making it one of the most expensive solar farms right now.

7. Topaz Solar Farm

This huge solar farm is located in the Carrizo Plain of San Luis Obispo County in California. The construction of the said solar farm started in 2011 up to 2015. With a span of 4 years, the long wait was worth it. The solar farm has a 580 megawatts capacity. This can bring electricity to 160,000 families.

The said project has significantly reduced the emissions of carbon dioxide. This is perfect for today’s world as we are doomed with air pollution. Alternative energies like these can be helpful in the long run on saving the environment. Steel columns were used for the mounting support of the panels. It has the top of the line technology that depicts perfection.

8. Ivanpah Solar

You can find this solar farm in the Mojave Desert which is in California. It has a total size of more than 5-square miles.

To build this 392-megawatt solar farm, the budget allotted for it was $2.2 billion. It is composed of dual mirrors with 3 universal solar power towers.

The solar farm can power up 140,000 families in the area. This is more than enough electricity needed for the entire area. Although, the people behind this solar farm have been criticized. This is because of the alleged destruction of wildlife habitat on the area.  But this was proven untrue and there is no basis on that claim.


The use of such alternative energy sources is detrimental in our society. It will provide more energy without compromising the air quality of the environment. It is also a healthy alternative rather than using nuclear energy.

The largest solar farms in the world that we have discussed are proof that we are concern with our environment. We have learned a lot from what is happening in our surroundings.

This will lead to a better future lessening the harmful effects of conventional energy sources. Well, the most important thing is we are doing something. Let us just support those global initiatives because those efforts are all for us.